Best New Xbox 360 Games For Christmas 2010

Best New Xbox 360 Games For Christmas 2010

There are some great new games out that have been released recently, or are just about to be released at the time I am writing this article, for the Xbox 360. 2010 really is turning out to be a great year for Xbox gamers. But I know that if you are not a gamer yourself and you are looking for gifts to buy for someone who does own a console and is an avid gamer then it can be really tough to know which ones to go for. Hopefully that is where this article can be of some help to you in doing your christmas shopping, an activity which can sometimes be just as frustrating as it is rewarding!

So without any further waffle here is my selection of three of the best new games to buy as a gift for someone for christmas 2010, every one of them a new release so that you can be pretty sure that they do not already own it.

Halo Reach – this game is something of a prequel, something that seems to have been all the rage across all media formats for a few years now, as it goes back in time to allow you to play your part in the legendary events which set the story that players of this hugely popular series of games will be familiar with.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Call of Duty is another insanely popular gaming franchise, across all of the consoles, and black ops is the latest one. Fans of first person shooter games will love this one.

NFL, NHL, FIFA Soccer and NBA 11 – I know it might be cheating a little bit, but there are new games out for all of the big EA sport franchises, and they are all great quality. Take your pick depending on whether the person who you want to buy a gift for likes football, soccer, basketball, baseball or hockey.