Cooking for Two Tips

Cooking for Two TipsCooking ground beef or any favorite hamburger recipes for someone special makes…

Cooking for Two Tips

Cooking ground beef or any favorite hamburger recipes for someone special makes it a labor of love. Whether it’s for your spouse of 20 years or the boyfriend you just met two months ago, it’s the perfect activity to punctuate a fun day together. However a meal for two actually presents more problems than a meal for a whole family. This is because most recipes are made for 5-8 servings and it makes it easy to cook too much food. No one likes leftovers and no one likes to waste money so it is important to keep a few tips in mind.

Cooking ground beef is a good option for a household of two because you can easily control the amount you can use without worrying about the cuts of meat. You can also decide the size of portions you want to match your individual consumption. So if you’re cooking ground beef for an adult or a child you can take out the equivalent amount to ensure that waste and leftover is minimal.

Ground beef is the easiest and simplest meat to manipulate. It can be cooked to feed few or many people. Cooking ground beef is easy because it can be used in so many dishes. Whether it’s for pasta sauces, taco fillings or chili recipes, anyone you’re cooking for will be pleased.

The best use for this versatile ingredient is burger patties. Everyone loves hamburgers and it’s easy to make portions for a specific number of people. In cooking ground beef for patties you can prepare it in bulk. Mix in all the herbs and spices and shape the meat mixture for the burger buns. Take out the amount you need for the moment and tightly wrap the rest to be stored in your freezer. With this method you are saved the hassle of constant preparation before cooking ground beef for your burger patties.

Grocery shopping for a household of two is great because you can focus on quality rather than quantity. Since you buy less, you can subscribe to more expensive options. Bulk sections and salad bars are also a good choice for buying veggies and fruits that are already pre-cut and prepared. In this manner you can get the exact amount you can consume. Shopping for herbs is tricky because with two people you might end up using a few leaves and wasting a whole cluster of spices. So consider using pureed herbs which can be stored in the freezer, this gives you the zest of fresh herbs without the hassle. Dried and bottled herbs are also an option but some people with more discriminating palates claim it takes away some of the flavor.

With meat, it’s cheaper to buy pre-packaged cuts even if it’s too much for two people. This can easily be solved by storing the meat in vacuum sealers inside your fridge. This ensures freshness without using all of the meat right away. Sometimes, it does not matter if the recipes for cooking ground beef or hamburgers are for four to six, or even eight people. If you discovered a groundbreaking method for cooking ground beef, then those servings will easily be consumed by two people.