Ecommerce Software Ideas To Capture More Customers This Holiday Season

Ecommerce Software Ideas To Capture More Customers This Holiday SeasonYou have just gotten your online…

Ecommerce Software Ideas To Capture More Customers This Holiday Season

You have just gotten your online web store ready for the holiday season. Now you are wondering what other last minute configuration you need to do with your ecommerce software to ensure that customers will have an enjoyable shopping experience at your site. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to consider in order to capture more customers this holiday season.

Offer Free Shipping

This will normally encourage customers to browse and shop at your store if they see a free shipping sign there. Now depending on what are the products that you are selling, you may not be able to offer free shipping for all of them unless customers purchase a lot from you. Some merchants usually offer free shipping for customers who spend above a certain amount while others may just offer free shipping for a short period of time. Perhaps only during the sale season? Or maybe for as long as they like if they are able to cover the cost of shipping from the sales they make. Anyway, the point is to catch the attention of online shoppers because many of them may find your products competitively priced but it is the shipping rates that sets them back from buying the item.

Package Your Items As Gifts

Either consumers are going to be busy buying stuff for themselves or getting gifts for their loved ones. Offer your products as nicely packaged gifts. That way, shoppers who are pressed for time could easily buy gifts for their family and friends and have them delivered directly without the hassle of wrapping up the items. It’s all about convenience these days as everyone is busy traveling all over getting ready for Thanksgiving. Not to mention everyone is gearing up for the Black Friday sales which is always the highlight during the holiday sale season.

Sell Gift Vouchers

For shoppers who are at a loss on what to get their loved ones, you could easily tweak your shopping cart to offer gift vouchers. Perhaps if shoppers buy your gift vouchers of a certain amount, you could throw in some freebies as complementary gifts? Be creative. But make sure you state the terms and conditions clearly and carefully as you do not want a host of complaints to deal with later on. These gift vouchers will be great for consumers to give their family or friends so that they could buy what they actually like.


This holiday season will definitely be an exciting one as many retailers and online businesses are planning to make as much in as little time as possible. And for consumers, they are going to enjoy the shopping experience.