What to Look For in An Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

What to Look For in An Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

It’s difficult for people to be trusting enough to shop online. A Nielsen study in 2010 that included over 27000 web users across the world found that 44% of them spend only 5% of their monthly spendings online. Something is not being done right. There is tremendous scope for growth here, with the internet becoming all-pervasive. However, it is usually sites like Amazon and eBay that have an online presence only, that are benefiting from the web, while brick-and-mortar stores are failing to generate as much traffic online. The solution may be a streamlining of the ecommerce online cart software that they use.

The ideal online shopping cart software should have the following features:

1. It should allow users to design their websites with ease. Not all vendors will be aware of HTML, so there should be easy to implement web design elements available to them.

2. The software should allow users to make payments through a number of payment gateways, not limited to PayPal.

3. The seller’s storefront should also be easy to design. The software should have numerous templates to begin with as well as give users the freedom to customize them as they like. A lot of attention should go into creating the storefront in order to give users a smooth and intuitive shopping experience.

4. Users won’t feel comfortable with shopping online if they don’t feel that the software will offer them a platform to make secure transactions. The ideal shopping cart should not make users download cookies. It will also use encryption of sensitive information and well-known and trusted card processing gateways for the purchase.

5. Most of the online carts calculate shipping costs for customers. The calculations may be done on the basis of parameters that you set.

When choosing shopping cart software, the things to look out for effectively are how scalable it is, how flexible it is and how secure it can make the shopping experience for your customer. If it is scalable, it can handle naturally growing demands on it. If it is flexible, it can allow vendors to customize it the way that they want. Security is not an issue to compromise on.

Choosing online shopping carts for your online business can be overwhelming. The variety of online shopping cart software available today can be difficult to choose from. However with a set of guidelines to start with, choosing the best ecommerce shopping cart software to make shopping easier for your customers can involve less of scrambling in the dark.