Flowers And Foliage With Attractive Bouquets

Flowers And Foliage With Attractive BouquetsFlowers are beautiful, whether in a vase in the home,…

Flowers And Foliage With Attractive Bouquets

Flowers are beautiful, whether in a vase in the home, in the borders in your yard, or in the wild. Stepping out on a sunny day and seeing a sea of color in front of you really is one of the pleasures of life. What makes a beautiful display of flowers even better is when they have a lovely fragrant scent that hangs in the air like perfume.

It’s a lovely thing to brush against a plant and have a lovely aroma arise in the air. But do you know which plants smell wonderful and which don’t? It’s amazing how many plants rely on their looks to make them attractive to us, but do not really have a fragrance at all. A flower without a lovely scent is like opening a beautifully wrapped gift box only to be disappointed with what’s inside.

There are some flowers that most people know are scented and are easy to find. Roses are one of these, and the scent of a just opened rose bud is beautiful and delicate. It’s no wonder the petals are so often used in perfumed soaps and scented skin care ranges.

However there are also many other plants with wonderful fragrances. If you’re looking for plants for either inside or outside your home, it’s worth knowing what they are and where to find them. In most cases they can found in local plant centers and nurseries.

For outside spaces there are lovely climbers such as Clematis or Honeysuckle which along with attractive foliage also give off a delightful scent. Wisteria is another climber with both beautiful and fragrant blooms, though it tends to have a fairly short flowering season. Climbing roses are another option, and have the advantage of generally longer flowering times making them perfect for growing against walls and fences.

If you need to fill up space then shrubs can be a good option. The pretty yellow flowers of the Coronilla will brighten up any space, or there is the Tree Heath which produces masses of honey scented flowers in spring. Other plants that are wonderful for producing scent, though not necessarily known for their blooms, are things like Rosemary and Sage. Of course an added advantage of growing herb shrubs is being able to use them to cook with as well as enjoying their beautiful scent.

If you’re looking for house plants which will also perfume the air around them there are a good number to choose from. Freesias are lovely, and can provide a splash of color over the winter months. Gardenias are another excellent choice, though as the plants can grow to a considerable size you need to make sure you have the space to house one of these. Hyacinths are another popular choice to add color and scent leading up to spring.

Scented blooms make a floral display even more attractive. To get the best out of your floral displays, be they inside or outside, you need to give them the care and attention they deserve. This means keeping plants in the right conditions and giving them the right amount of food and water. Do this and your plants will reward you with wonderful flowers.