The One-Week NO SHOP Diet

The One-Week NO SHOP Diet –

how to make people realize what powers lie beneath

What would happen if Americans stopped shopping for one week? I mean, not starve to death, still buy the necessary food, but stop going insane and accumulate the latest gadgets like squirrels or get all jittery at the sight of a taco shell holder (Made in China) on sale. What if we resisted the urge, the addiction, to shop and instead went for a walk, talked to a neighbor or petted a cat?

The world relies on the American shopper to maintain the ‘economic growth’ insanity. Do you ever ask yourself, why we really need to grow? What if we shrank? If you put it in perspective, eternal growth is impossible. If we keep on adding people the global count if humanity. There is only so much space on Earth. The world cannot support eight billion or more inhabitants desiring first world lifestyle. It’s a thing of impossibility. So, what can we do? You got it – stop shopping. Stop wasting resources. Live a normal life.

If the American shopper went on strike, would the world come to an end? Would the corporate profit wheel stop spinning? ‘They’ certainly would inform us the world is on the verge of imploding, that Toys R Us is too big to fail and that we must keep consuming the plastic toys from China…otherwise… Otherwise?

You got it. ‘Otherwise’ means ‘they’ may be forced to reevaluate the insanity of the current system. And who would convey the message. Yes – no one else than YOU!

We are powerful and influential. Why not carefully select the parties we intend to ‘support’ with our hard earned dollars?

We are the ultimate authority that makes the wheel spin. It is the American consumer who largely determines corporate power, profits and growth. It is us who fill the governments coffin with sales tax, value added tax, alcohol tax, tobacco tax, gas tax and so forth.

As an alternative, what if we refused to at least buy useless items, such as Barbie cars, salad shooters, plastic-bag dispensers, microwave omelet cookers, glow-in-the-dark page magnifiers, Christmas-themed file baskets, animal-shaped contact-lens cases, and adhesive-backed wall hooks? You didn’t know these items existed? They do. And they all have one thing in common – they’re made in China.

Why not try my diet just for one week? Aren’t you curious to see what an amazing impact the American consumer can exercise on private and public positions?

The power lies within your wallet. If you keep it shut, you are in charge.