3 Tips for Concealing Your Handgun

If you have a concealed carry permit, you want to transport a handgun without broadcasting to everyone that you are armed. However, in the era of tight clothing, it can be difficult to effectively hide your firearm in your daily wardrobe. Now that you can cover up your weapon and move beyond the standard hip holster, you need to find some fun ways to ferry your pistol so that those around you will be none the wiser.

1. Choose Your Carry Position in Advance

The first thing you must do is decide where you want your handgun positioned on your body. Choose somewhere you can easily conceal which provides easy access to your firearm. Having it in or around your waistband is the most popular method, although people may also choose to carry their weapon in an ankle, pocket, or shoulder holster. While these positions provide easy access, they can make your pistol noticeable if you do not effectively hide the gun with your clothes.

2. Dress to Conceal

Once you determine where you want to transport your handgun, you need to dress to cover it up. If you choose to ferry it on your torso, you want to wear a long, loose shirt or sports jacket. To make stowing your firearm even easier, try wearing a CCW vest, jacket, shirt, or belly band. If you prefer having it in your pocket or on your ankle, trade in the skinny jeans for loose fit pants with deep pockets. Taking these precautions will minimize the amount of bulge that is visible due to your concealed weapon.

3. Know Your State’s Laws

A proper concealed carry course gives you a thorough understanding of your state’s pistol laws. However, laws may change over time so it is important to stay up to date on handgun laws in your state.

Whether you feel the need to purchase special clothing or you choose to stay with your current wardrobe, remember to dress to hide your firearm. This makes you feel more confident and covers your weapon from prying eyes.