Why Reusable Polypropylene Shopping Bags Are Made For Success

Why Reusable Polypropylene Shopping Bags Are Made For Success

Woven reusable polypropylene shopping bags are without a doubt the replacement of the disposable grocery bags, they are the natural evolution and a step towards a cleaner and healthier environment. But the fact that reusable PP woven bags are better for the environment is only one part of the equation. Many more advantages come from using a woven pp bag instead of a polluting non biodegradable grocery bag.

Environmentally Sound

The fact that woven pp bags are cleaner in terms of manufacturing, and in consumer usage, is something nobody will deny, but even with massive benefits in terms of preserving our planet by conserving fossil fuels, and producing less waste, this is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

A Marketing Opportunity

Woven reusable polypropylene shopping totes come with all the advantages the disposable grocery bags also possess, only better. With reusable bags the amount needed to reach the same audience for branding purposes is far less, because of the long lifespan of a woven pp bag. Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Say that Mr. X always shops at the local supermarket, and every day he purchases a new shopping tote to carry his groceries home. This bag has the store logo printed on it and for years it has served the supermarket, and it’s name is well known all around the town and even beyond. Tomorrow Mr. X will have to buy a new shopping bag, but what if we change this example and Mr. X uses a reusable woven pp bag? In this scenario he will still buy groceries every day, displaying his shopping bag on his way home, but now he already carries the bag on his way to the store as well, and he will carry it back, and this process will repeat months on end, using just one grocery bag.

Needless to say, in our adjusted example, the supermarket just doubles its exposure, yet the costs have dropped as well because with reusable woven pp bags they need far less of them, and still realize more exposure to the store!

A Flexible Medium

Woven reusable polypropylene bags are just as flexible in terms of manufacturing as any other type of shopping bag. They can be created in just about any size, shape and color. The material is suitable for print, so in short; with reusable PP shopping bags anything can be done, that is possible with the regular disposable type, but at a lesser cost to do so, and a lesser volume to purchase. Basically using woven PP bags means the same or better effect at a lower price, a typical win/win situation.

Overall, there are only benefits in using woven reusable polypropylene shopping totes, and no down sides to speak off. In fact, using reusable bags may even be something the government will be interested in sponsoring. With more and more countries starting sponsoring programs like this, it is always a good idea to check. Save the planet, increase the bottom line and all of this at decreased expenses. What’s not to like?