The Fish and Chip Syndrome of Direct Factory Outlet Shopping

The Fish and Chip Syndrome of Direct Factory Outlet ShoppingIt’s just like eating fish and…

The Fish and Chip Syndrome of Direct Factory Outlet Shopping

It’s just like eating fish and know when you’re really hungry and you’ve worked up an appetite. You’re mouth salivates at the thought of the salt and vinegar, and for the first couple of mouthfuls you believe you have made an excellent half way through reality hits! The heavy grease coats your throat and the batter isn’t crisp anymore. In fact you feel like you’ve had enough and just want to escape that plate! ‘s how I’m feeling about Factory Outlets.

Now I may be contradicting myself over the last few years every time I have set foot in a DFO or Factory Outlet centre I have felt disappointed. I offer shopping trip and tours to different outlets in Sydney and all of my clients have fun. But there is something that doesn’t live up to the anticipation.

I recently went to Birkenhead Point which has had a major makeover in the last year. There is a variety of ‘High Street’ and designer shops like Marc, Allanah Hill, David Jones, Mimco and Diana Ferriar. But the quality and choice of the clothes is reminiscent of a jumble sale. The prices are not necessary amazing even at sale time and the old theory of you only get what you play for still holds strong. Just like the fish and chips there is always some value in shopping at these outlets, but after a while of store upon store of sadly presented clothing racks and dresses that are falling apart, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you can’t help wishing you had spent your time more wisely. So where do you go to snag a bargain?

My manta is buy style and accessories with fashion. Obviously has to be a small investment made in the backbone of your wardrobe but to update your look for each season go with’ cheap and cheerful’. So here are a few of my favourite place to school on a DFO budget without an outlet store in site! Barkins: I saw a beautiful maxi dress in a shop in Mosman for $370, I have to admit it was Silk, but when I looked on the Barkins webpage I found the almost identical twin. No it wasn’t silk but that meant it could be machine washed and the price was well…$69.95. Barkins is also online and posts anywhere to Australia for $10. Glasson this is a New Zealand based store, but when you buy online it’s actually cheaper than buying in store. This Jasmine Drape Neck Drawstring dress, is a fantastic colour and a great dress for throwing over swimmer or for a BBQ lunch, its only $39.95 NZ which converts to $30.36 Australian! Forecast is a little closer to home, and my new latest love. Their style is classic but fashionable and very reasonable priced. They do a great range of corporate and more formal wear. My favourite is the clover tea dress. Of course, there is a whole new world of online clothes shopping out in the world of cyber space. Websites like Brands Exclusive and Buy Invite are fabulous for a bargain and stock everything from Queenspark, Etnies, Espirt to Le Specs.

The range is great with handbags, jewellery, shoes and clothes. The only small catch is that they take about 3 weeks to deliver…which isn’t a problem as long as you’re not in a rush for your bargains! So to satisfy you craving for shopping for a bargain you don’t have to go with the fish and chips, you can go with the low calorie, healthy never leave your computer desk!