Saving Money Tips

Saving Money TipsWith the economy as it is these days, everyone is looking for ways…

Saving Money Tips

With the economy as it is these days, everyone is looking for ways to keep their expenses down. Here are some saving money tips to help you make your dollar go a little further.

Buy Seasonal Items At Clearance Prices

Seasonal items are big profit items for retailers. Once the holiday is over, they need to make space for the next big holiday. So, buy for next year and save big. Recently, I picked up an awesome strobe light with thunder sounds for 50% off the original price the day after Halloween. Score!

Buy hard candy for next Halloween or Christmas. (That stuff never goes bad if stored properly.) Just stay away from chocolate and softer candies. They don’t age well, and you’ll be known as the “crazy person with the old candy” on your block. Costumes, cards, lights… all dirt cheap if you play your cards right.

Think about what decorations you’d love for Christmas but can’t afford. Go shopping the week after Christmas and get it for a song for next year. You’ll have to wait until next year to use them, but the savings will be huge.

Get A Store Credit Card To Get A Discount

The trick to this one is to buy all the stuff you want from the store first thing, using the big savings that come with the opening of the account. Just make sure you pay the balance off in the first month and cut up the card. I repeat — pay the balance owing in the first month, otherwise, you will be spending more and the whole exercise will be for nothing.

Extended Warranty? Just Say No!

You will be offered extended warranties on the more expensive purchases you make, such as TVs, appliances and even vehicles. This is just a big money grab for the stores and dealerships. They count on an extended warranty on a big ticket item to play on your worries about the large amount of money you are spending. You may be thinking that it’s a good idea to have it in case something goes wrong. Here’s an easy solution — use a credit card with a built-in extended warranty. This makes much more sense and will save you a lot of money in the long run

Grocery Shop Once A Week

I’m as guilty as the next guy with this one. It’s so easy to drop by the grocery store to pick up something extra on a routine basis. Ever notice that you always come out of the store with a whole bag of items, instead of the one thing you went in for? This will up your grocery bill considerably, if you make it a habit. Make a list, shop once a week, and stay away from the store the rest of the time. You will probably lose some weight doing this, too, as impulse items like chips and candy won’t make it into your house as often.

Join A Discount Shopping Club

There are lots of these clubs around. Just make sure that the one you choose is worth your while. Some of these clubs charge a fee to join, but the savings you reap can more than make up for the fee. You receive savings on many brand-name items, hotel stays, car rentals, golf course green fees, and lots more!

There you have it. Just implementing a couple of these saving money tips will help you stretch your hard-earned cash further.