Is Your Shopping Cart Able To Display Your Store To Mobile Users?

Is Your Shopping Cart Able To Display Your Store To Mobile Users?With mobile commerce gaining…

Is Your Shopping Cart Able To Display Your Store To Mobile Users?

With mobile commerce gaining so much momentum these days, retailers and merchants who have not taken the time to have their stores mobile-optimized will be left in the lurch. The internet and how business is conducted over it has evolved so rapidly that shopping cart providers need to ensure that their solution is able to meet the needs of both consumers and merchants.

What’s The Difference?

Many retailers or merchants may not have paid much attention to this trend in mobile commerce earlier but now everyone realizes how important it is to ensure that their store or website is accessible via smart phone or tablets. So what’s the difference if you already have your store online as compared to getting it mobile-optimized? The major difference would be the screen area. If you have a smart phone, you may find it easy to get online to surf the net. However, you will find it horribly irritating because you can’t seem to see the entire site properly since everything will be so small. Of course you could have it enlarged but that would take you a long time to look through one whole page. Hence the need for business owners to make sure that their online site is mobile-optimized so that smart phone users who surf online could view their store site pages easily.

Is Your Shopping Cart Provider Helping?

If you run your own business selling stuff online, chances are that your ecommerce software provider would have added this mobile-optimization feature to their solution. It is then your responsibility as a merchant to have your entire site mobile-optimized. If you could not locate any mobile-optimization feature or do not know anything much about it, it is highly recommended that you check with your shopping cart provider to find out whether they have the feature or not. If they do, then find out where to access it.

Check Your Site With Your Smart Phone

Please make sure that you check your site with any smart phone to see what your store looks like after you have it activate. That way, if any of you customers ask about it, you could mention that you site is mobile-optimized. However, this should be easy as any smart phone user who comes to your site will be able to view your store with ease with their smart phones. Do a few payment test to make sure that the transaction works.


Don’t wait. Find out and get this done quickly so that you won’t be left behind in the mobile commerce revolution. Happy selling!