Businesses That Can Benefit From Promotional Bags

Businesses That Can Benefit From Promotional BagsAn attractive promotional bag can be a powerful marketing…

Businesses That Can Benefit From Promotional Bags

An attractive promotional bag can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Creating a bag that your clients will want to keep and reuse can earn you hundreds of dollars in sales as your bag is displayed over and over to a much wider and varied audience of potential customers. A tote style of bag is popular and handy, as it can be used to carry books, groceries or even sports clothes, so it is a benefit to your business if it can have multiple uses. A sports bag or backpack would be more costly for you business to supply but these types of bags are very long lasting and your clients would be more likely to hang on to them for a long period of time and get a lot of use out of them.


A whole variety of retail businesses would benefit from using promotional bags. This is already evident with the larger supermarket chains having had environmentally friendly reusable bags available for some time. As well as these green bags being popular for environmental reasons, they are a lot stronger for carrying heavy groceries, they hold a lot of items and shoppers have got easily into the habit of leaving green bags in their cars and taking them into the supermarket every time they do their shop. Smaller retail businesses can use promotional bags to just as much effect as bigger stores, and if their bags are attractive will find that clients want to use them as an everyday accessory. It is a great way to have your business name exposed to a large number of different people.


Gyms and leisure centres can use promotional bags to great effect because everyone who uses the gym needs to put their gear in something, so it might as well be a bag with your business name and logo on it. Gyms often give away T-shirts, drink bottles and caps as part of their annual memberships, so why not include a bag. It is not guaranteed that someone would wear the T-shirt, and a drink bottle could possibly be only used inside your gym, but a bag is going to gather a lot more exposure.


If you run a cafe why not have a promotional bag printed up? Reusable coffee cups are a great idea, but how about providing something to carry them in when customers return, as well as their book or magazine. You will need to think carefully about the design for a bag for a cafe, as your name and logo may not be enough. Something clever, trendy or the latest fashion will stand up well as some cafes can become trendy and the places to be seen, so a great off shoot of this would be that your promotional bag becomes a fashionable accessory.

Sporting Clubs

To promote your sports club, no matter how big or small, having your teams with matching sports bags is a great way to get your name out there. Most clubs have sponsorship from businesses so perhaps get them to provide the bags with the option to display their own company name and logo.


On long flights particularly, airlines hand out things like eye masks and even pyjamas. Giving out a handy bag to put everything in will keep things tidy during the flight and help ensure that travellers will pick up the bag before they disembark the plane and take your company logo with them.