Best Way To Store Your Timepieces

Best Way To Store Your TimepiecesThere is no better way to store your favorite watches,…

Best Way To Store Your Timepieces

There is no better way to store your favorite watches, than in a watch case. Simply placing your beautiful Philip Stein in a jewelry box won’t do. Whether you have invested in one amazing timepiece or own an entire collection…a cabinet or case is appropriate. Watch cases come in many different shapes and sizes and are crafted with different functions in mind. The first thing you need to do is to determine the size of the case you need. If you don’t have the manufacturer’s specifications on the timepiece, you can simply measure it yourself. You need a ruler that measures in millimeters and you must measure the piece from stem to stem and also the diameter of the dial.

If you will be traveling, you will want to look into getting a travel case. These come with special locking mechanisms and are specially designed for travel. Other versions are for storing and winding. A winding case will keep your automatic mechanical watches wound, when not in use. While these cases seem strictly functional, there are cabinets that are for display, as well. These cabinets are equipped with see-through glass tops for viewing.

A case will keep your timepieces clean and dust free. They are also great for storing and keeping your wristwatches away from damaging elements that might leave scratches on the crystal or the bracelet.

Since you have already invested in a great timepiece, doesn’t it make good sense to take care of it? Look into a case for your favorite timepieces.