How To Care For Your Tie

How To Care For Your TieAfter buying a tie it is essential that you follow…

How To Care For Your Tie

After buying a tie it is essential that you follow a few simple steps to ensure your tie always looks its best and you can ensure its longevity. A few simple steps will help you to maintain a smart, stylish look if your tie looks as good as new.

Storage is one of the most important factors in tie care, to avoid creasing or damage it is recommended that you invest in a hanger or tie rack, these are available in most specialist shops and are usually reasonably prices, it will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

After removing your tie, it is recommended that you place it neatly on your tie rack immediately to avoid any damage if it is left lying around. Alternatively you can place your tie on a regular hanger with your suits, but for a small investment a rack is optimal. Place the rack in your wardrobe, this ensures that the tie is not in direct sunlight which can cause colour fading and permanent damage.

Another method of storage is to roll up your tie and store neatly in a drawer, this is the preferred method of storage for knitted ties, to prevent stretching. For all other materials, hanging the tie up for storage is preferred.

When handling your tie, always ensure your hands are clean and free from grease, as this could cause permanent damage. Ensure fingers nails are well trimmed to avoid snagging and damage to the material. If stored correctly any creases will fall out naturally, it is advisable not to use an iron as this could cause permanent damage.

Always keep your tie free from dirt and dust if possible, however, if your tie becomes stained, there are a few simple steps you may take. Firstly try to remove the stain as soon as possible using a damp cloth, gently rub the stain and hopefully this will remove it. Failing that, try an appropriate stain remover, before as a last resort, taking your tie to the dry cleaners. Due to the chemicals used in dry cleaning, the stain may be removed, but the finish and appearance of the tie may be permanently damaged, only use the dry cleaners as a last resort.

When travelling either store your ties rolled up in your case, or flat with your shirts, any wrinkles or creases may fall out if you hang the tie up nearby while you take a shower. The steam has a great effect and any creases will hopefully fall out naturally, avoid the temptation to use an iron.

With the right care, a tie should last for many years and with a few easy steps your ties should keep you looking good and stylish.