What shoes can I wear with a dress?

Dresses can be worn in all kinds of seasons. You can even wear a summer dress in winter with the right kind of layering. But what kind of shoes should you wear with them? Read more about combining heels and boots with dresses, flat shoes and what colors you should select for shoes.

Heels and boots

Heels may be the most popular shoes to wear with a dress, they make you taller which makes it easier to wear longer dresses. This also gives you longer legs, but not all heels are comfortable to wear everyday. Luckily there are lots of sizes in heels, so you can also wear them if you don’t like very high heels. Besides the popular heel you can wear boots with a dress. The shorter your dress is, the longer your boots can be. Choose for chelsea boots, biker boots, over the knee boots or any other kind that you like.

Flat shoes

Not a big fan of heels or boots? No problem, dresses can be worn with flat shoes too. Driving moccasins are a very good option if you want something else than for example a sneaker. Of course you can wear your sneakers with some dresses, but if it is a more elegant dress you might want something more fancy. Next to driving moccasins womens sneakers, loafers, sandals or flip-flops can be worn with dresses. What kind of flat shoes you pick depends on the season and the kind of dress you want to wear.


Are you planning on wearing a basic colored dress? Then you might want to wear a pair of shoes that stand out more. Same goes with the opposite; wear basic colored shoes with a colored dress. Do you have a pair of shoes that match the color of your outfit? Go for a monochrome look and wear only one color. You could also match shoes with a dress in a color that fits well with other colors. For example brown and orange, green and pink or other statement color combinations.


What kind of shoes you wear with a dress is up to you. It really depends on the season, what kind of shoes you have, how formal your dress is and what you find comfortable. Match the colors with your dress and you will probably look great in your outfit.