The Disadvantages of Purchasing Lingerie Online

The Disadvantages of Purchasing Lingerie OnlineLet’s get the obvious pitfalls out of the way first….

The Disadvantages of Purchasing Lingerie Online

Let’s get the obvious pitfalls out of the way first. So you’re looking for bras and lingerie online. The most likely disadvantages or problems encountered with shopping for lingerie online will be:

Fit – How can you be sure of the size without trying on the garment?

Quality – How can you tell that the quality of the bra or lingerie meets your approval from a photo?

After sales support – How easily can the lingerie or bra be returned for a refund or exchange?

Cost – Is the online price competitive with shopping in a traditional bricks and mortar environment?

Security and Privacy – Can you trust the web site with your payment details?

Mitigating Factors

Fit – A lingerie fitting guide is a vital piece of information provided by a web site to assist you with selecting the best size based on your measurements. Unfortunately there is still no guarantee that the lingerie will fit due to variations in different brands, but armed with the fitting guide recommendations and using your existing lingerie size information, you will be best prepared for your purchase. Ensure the web site offers generous after sales support in case the garment arrives and doesn’t fit properly.

Quality – This is also an important consideration. You can look for brands you know and trust, or rely on product reviews from other purchasers to guide your lingerie purchasing decision. Photos of lingerie can provide some hints to the quality, but this will depend on the photography effort used by the web site to portray their lingerie. Again it is important to ensure the web site offers generous after sales support should you wish to exchange or return your lingerie.

After sales support – How can you trust a web site that doesn’t stand behind all the products it sells? Don’t settle for a zero refund policy for change of mind, the web site must accept returns for a reasonable amount of time and offer a refund for any purchase even if the lingerie was on sale or you just changed your mind. Check on the replacement policy and who pays for shipping on returns and exchanges. Will you be responsible for the return freight on your exchanged size? Read the fine print on the return policy before finalising your purchase to avoid unwanted costs.

Cost – The internet offers lingerie shoppers the chance to browse and compare products from competing web sites to ensure you can make an informed purchasing decision. Factor in all costs including shipping when comparing prices. If the web site offers return postage on exchanges you may still be up for the cost of postage to return the lingerie in the event of an exchange. Minimise the risk by spending a few minutes familiarising yourself with the policies of the web site you are shopping on.

Security and Privacy – With credit card fraud on the rise, it is more important than ever to keep your personal information safe and secure. Check the privacy policy to ensure your details are protected from theft and abuse. Ensure your shopping cart is secure by looking for the URL starting in https: and using a current and valid SSL security certificate issued by a trustworthy firm. The web site should not store your credit card information, but rather passes this information directly to the payment gateway for processing for maximum security.

Shopping for lingerie, sleepwear and bras online should offer you savings and convenience. With just a little research you can have peace of mind that the vendor will support you after your purchase and keep your personal details protected.