Promotional Canvas Bags

Promotional Canvas BagsHow are your advertising dollars being returned? Promotional canvas bags are a great…

Promotional Canvas Bags

How are your advertising dollars being returned? Promotional canvas bags are a great way to promote your company or organization because they are an eco friendly bag promotes your business in a way that is appealing to customers. People like to know they are helping out the environment. So, they are more happy to do business with you, a company who is going green. Canvas bags are green because they are made from cotton, which is a natural, biodegradable fabric. There are lots of different uses for promotional canvas bags, and I would like to highlight three of them in this article.

The first way to use these bags is as a giveaway. You can give these bags away at a tradeshow. This is very popular because tradeshows are known for giveaways, but if you’re the company giving away bags to carry everything in, you’re looked at as the hero! You can also give them away in your storefront. A lot of companies will give them away after the customer has purchased a set amount of product. For example, a meat market may give customers a free bag for every $50 they spend. Community events are also a good place to give away the bags. This will make your company look good to the neighborhood.

Another use of these promotional canvas bags would be to sell them in the store. As a business, you can choose to make a profit from the bag sales, or you can decide to sell them at cost as a marketing tool. Your customers will be toting these bags around with them to other stores and they will also be bringing them back to your store, which is what you ultimately want.

The third use of these bags is fundraising. Non-profit organizations can sell advertising space on one side of the bag and use the other side for their own logo. After the bags are printed, the organization can sell the bags for profit. The cost of the bag will be basically covered by the ad sales, and the bag sales will be received as profit. This is an easy way, especially for smaller non-profits to make money.

After you have these bags in people’s hands, your logo will be seen by multiple people and multiple times. How many times have you used a promotional product, and the recipient threw it away once they reached their destination? Or they simply consumed it, never to remember your company again. When you use a cotton canvas bag promotion, your recipients will thank you because it is something that they will actually use, and it will look favorably for your business because it is something that is friendly to the environment. These bags, whether you give them away, sell in your store, or use to raise funds, are a good use of your promotional advertising dollars.