My Shopping Genie – Does It Really Work?

My Shopping Genie – Does It Really Work?My Shopping Genie does it work and what…

My Shopping Genie – Does It Really Work?

My Shopping Genie does it work and what is it? MSG is a website and down-loadable app a person can install on their computer or iPhone to save money and time looking for the best deals available. Let us take a look at it to see if it is right for you.

The company was formed almost three years ago and is run by My Net Universe and has not only made it but appears to be catching on like wild fire. The company was founded by David Freed founder and president and Bruce Bice co-founder and master distributor.

What it offers is a way for the shopper to find the best deals without spending all day on the internet looking for the best deals. The app once downloaded on the shoppers device automatically opens when searching for products and lets them pick which ones to look through. The other great feature is it searches for the best deal on the net not just the deals at the top of the search engines which are paid for by the major retailers so you see them first. It can and will also search for promotions and close out deals etc. and can find the small obscure distributors that might be on page 10 of the search. The app claims to help the consumer be green by saving gas running all over town.

The second opportunity is to become an affiliate. The affiliates receive free genies which they can give away for free. Then possibly spend a few minutes answering questions the consumer might have. The merchants then pay finder fees to the affiliates for leading customers to their site. The My Shopping Genie app and opportunity appears to me to work quite well and save the consumer very much time, energy and most of all money.