How Plastic Shopping Baskets Can Improve Your Sales Figures

How Plastic Shopping Baskets Can Improve Your Sales Figures

Anyone in the retail business knows just how important it is to maximise sales wherever possible in order to survive in the competitive marketplace. Taking into consideration the current state of economies right across the globe, it has never been more pertinent for shop owners to seek every advantage to help drive sales within their company. Here we look at how the introducing plastic shopping baskets to your store could help improve your sales figures.

Shopper behaviour

Research shows that most households will plan a regular weekly shop where they will purchase a large amount of food and other items that will see them through the next seven days. However, many people will also nip into the local shop or supermarket another once or twice a week to pick up a few bits and pieces, such as fresh fruit and vegetables or perhaps some items that they forget to get previously. In these instances it is the duty of the business to sell as many items to the consumer as possible.

Carrying solution

When shoppers go to do their weekly shop they will always use a shopping trolley to store their items and transport it to the checkout. However, if they are only planning on buying a few items then they don’t bother with the hassle of pushing a trolley and are happy to just carry their items. The problem with this for shop owners is that people can only carry a certain amount of items before their hands become full and they make their way to the tills.

Seizing the opportunity

Through the provision of plastic shopping baskets, retail outlets can provide a small sized option for carrying items which is both quick to collect and easy to manoeuvre. Shoppers are likely to grab plastic shopping baskets that are positioned near to the door and place their items inside as they negotiate their way around the store. This of course provides the opportunity to carry more goods then they would be able to carry using their hands alone. In addition the fact that shoppers that are carrying plastic shopping baskets tend to walk a little slower than those that aren’t, means that they are likely to have a look around as they make their way around the store. This of course gives them the opportunity to spot a few extra products that they have forgotten that they need, or perhaps something new that they would like to give a try.