Grocery Costs – Best 3 Tips

Grocery Costs – Best 3 TipsI am always looking for great tips when it comes…

Grocery Costs – Best 3 Tips

I am always looking for great tips when it comes to cutting grocery costs. Especially now with the way the economy is. I do not know anyone not looking for a good tip. Years ago, it was great when you could walk into a store and not have to worry about the cost of a gallon of milk. Boy, have times changed. With that said, here are a few tips that have definitely saved me some cash.

Tip – 1

Buy store brands. I know what you are saying, “I am not going to buy store brands” just try them. Give them one shot. Many store brands are equal or better to the well-known Brand names. Trust me try them once if you do not like them do not buy them again. I guarantee you will be able to lower your grocery costs by switching brands.

Tip – 2

Buy frozen vegetables. I know everyone is fresh these days. I agree except if you buy fresh vegetables and you do not eat them within a few days, where do they go. That’s right, out in the garbage. It’s like taking money and throwing it out of your window. We are trying to save on grocery costs. Buy some frozen vegetables.

Tip -3

Make a shopping list. Yep, that’s what I said. I know it sounds so simple. Yet how many people actually make a list? Without a list, you add things into your cart that you don’t need. How many times have you bought something only to find out you have a bunch at home? Make a list all you need is a pad and a pen in a handy spot. Believe me as long as you stick to the list of items you’ll notice a difference with your grocery costs.