Defining Today’s Watches and Wearers

There is nothing as classic as a watch for a gift or as a piece…

There is nothing as classic as a watch for a gift or as a piece of timeless jewelry to personally buy. Over the years, much has changed about watches. Many of today’s watches are increasingly multi-functional when compared to the watches that were well known for hundreds of years to simply tell the time as accurately as possible.

From the days of the first pocket watches, there has been a level of prestige in having a classic and timeless watch. For many years in the 1600’s through the 1800’s, watchmakers were considered an elite group of craftsmen. These craftsmen were noted as creators of beautiful pieces of jewelry that told time that could be passed on from generation to generation.

While much of the modern world has changed with a much faster pace and higher technology, the love for high quality watches has not. Today’s top brand watches offer people the opportunity to have a classic timepiece that does so much more than tell time. From having the ability to tell the date and alarm setting capabilities, to having built in Bluetooth and smartphone capabilities, watches today offer people such a variety of wonderful features.

In general, there are our distinct categories for watches today. The primary watch categories are:

• Dress, Fashion and Luxury Watches
• Sports Watches
• Tech Watches
• Casual Watches

Dress, Fashion and Luxury Watches – These watches are specifically designed to wear with finer attire or as an expression of designer ware. They may feature gold and diamond inlays and are usually crafted with detailed top grade craftsmanship. Many of these watches use sapphire crystal resistant glass casing and have luminescent dials. They can also feature stunning accents of gemstones and have a high-grade designer adjustable strap to ensure proper fit and comfort.

Sports Watches- These watches are built to withstand a more rigorous amount of physical activity by the wearer. They are usually water resistant and more durable to the elements than other watches. They are usually luminescent and may carry extra sport features such as a built-in stop watch or deep diving capabilities of up to 100 meters (330 feet) like the Hublot Big Bang series of watches.

Tech Watches- These watches are designed to offer wearers all the tech savvy bells and whistles they could as for. This may include Bluetooth capability and smartphone integration. Many of these phones integrate personal usage data and carry memory capability.

Casual Watches- These watches are designed to offer long term durability, reliability and comfort with many great features such as alternate time zone setting for travelers and luminescent dials that are scratch resistant.

The important part of deciding the right watch to buy is knowing the reason for buying it. Since each watch category offers different benefits to the wearer, knowing what type of use the watch is needed for is the first decision. This should be done before deciding style of watch to be purchased.

Almost all quality name brand and designer watches carry a warranty, and many will last long enough to pass it down to another generation of reliable usage. High quality name brand and designer watches often carry a significant resale value and are considered to be a fine jewelry piece.