A Terrible Experience of Shopping Online

A Terrible Experience of Shopping Online

With the computer widely used in the modern society, shopping online becomes more and more popular. Online shopping has a great impact on the lives of many people. But there are some problems we should notice. Someone may use the Internet to cheat you out of your money. So it is necessary for you to be careful in the process of shopping online. Now I will tell you my terrible experience of shopping online.

I chose a pair of pants online. Then I ordered it and waited. Several days later, I was quite happy that pair of pants was sent to my house. But to my disappointment, its size was too small for me. So I called the owner of the shop and told him that the size of the pants was wrong. I hoped that he would take responsibility for it. Finally, he promised to send me another pair but told me to pay the postage. Then I paid the postage and sent the pants of wrong size back to him. However, he made a mistake again. This time the size is too big. I had no way but to call him again, telling him that I would make a complaint in the internet if he didn’t solve my problem. At last, the owner paid the postage and posted another pair of pants to me without mistake. It took me a long time to get my goods and cost me much more money because of the fault of the owner of the shop but not me.

Usually it is more convenient to buy things online, instead of going to the shop by yourself. But since you cannot see or touch the goods you want to buy, the goods may be less beautiful than you think. You may find the color of the goods is different from what you like or the size is either too small or too big for you.

In addition to the problems of the size and quality, you take risk of losing money because someone may embezzle the cipher code of your bank card. Choosing shops that have better reputations is very important. You had better contrast the price of several shops before you make a decision and choose the cheaper one.

In a word, to be careful and wise enough when you do shopping online.