A Guide to Sale Shopping

Sales seem to be popping up all the time these days, be it New Year sales, end of season sales or even mid-season sales! It can be so tempting to splurge just because something is reduced but if you’re not careful you can end up with a purchase you really regret. We all love the thrill of splashing the cash but don’t let yourself be carried away on impulse. If you know what to look for when you’re sale shopping though you can come away with some real bargains and save yourself money in the long term.

Dream pieces

The first things you should look for in a sale should be anything that you’ve had your eye on but had resisted buying at full price in the name of saving money. This is the most satisfying purchase of all, because if you’ve had your heart set on something you can treat yourself and feel virtuous at the same time.

Wardrobe staples

Many of the items that are discounted will be trend-based pieces that have already had their moment. Don’t go for these unless you like it so much that you will wear it regardless of whether it’s ‘in’ or not. Instead go for the kinds of clothes that you will always need, such as jeans, black trousers for work or pretty tops.

Think out of season

Often clothes are sold off at the end of the season, meaning you’ll see lots of summery dresses as winter approaches and lots of knitwear as we head into summer. It’s easy to overlook these items as they’re not what your wardrobe needs right now, but thinking an extra season ahead can get you some real bargains! For example, even if it’s January you may know that you’ll be going on holiday somewhere hot and sunny in the summer. So pick up that half price bikini or sundress and stash them away until you need them. You could even hide them in your suitcase! When you find them it will be like getting something new all over again.

Party dresses

Party dresses are often the first things to get discounted as their window for sale is quite narrow. They’re also one of the items that can be the most inflated when it comes to their full price. Think back to your mad last minute scramble for your Christmas party dress last year, or for that friend’s wedding. Wasn’t it a nightmare trying to find something that fit and was affordable? With this in mind, if you see something that’s just you – snap it up! Many party dresses are classic in style and will look good season after season.


If you’re watching the pennies set yourself a budget for what you will allow yourself to spend, even if it’s only a small amount. Then you can enjoy the thrill of the bargain hunt and if you see something out of your price range then the decision is already made for you. If it’s too much, just don’t buy it!


Do you need it? Would you wear it? And most importantly, do you have things that go with it? Even if something is gorgeous and going for a song, if you need a whole new wardrobe to be able to wear it then it is not really a bargain! If you’re not sure about it – try it on. Don’t just grab and buy just because it’s cheap. And remember, even if you bought something in a sale, you can still take it back!