Shawl 101 – Managing a Fashion Emergency

Shawl 101 – Managing a Fashion EmergencyShawls and a fashion emergency!  Have you ever experienced…

Shawl 101 – Managing a Fashion Emergency

Shawls and a fashion emergency! 

Have you ever experienced a fashion emergency where you simply would have just wished you vanished in thin air than face the glitz and glam with a stained wardrobe? Nothing can be more devastating to a person in a formal social gathering than having her wear ruined by stains or even simple dirt. Your shawl can be an interesting life-saver in these instances.

Although shawls are originally intended to be worn over the shoulders to provide warmth and protection for the wearer, these pieces of fashionable garments can be used in an entirely different way. Only one’s imagination and creativity will be the limitation to how well such a piece of fashion accessory can work to manage a fashion emergency.

For one thing, because of the rather broad width of shawls these can be worn as drapes or as aprons to an evening dress. The manner in which such garment can naturally flow downward is excellent in projecting a fashion sense at par with the world’s finest. This is essentially the very fundamental use of shawls – to protect the wearer and at the same time make her elegant and sophisticated.

If the fashion emergency is in the upper front portion of the evening wear, the cashmere shawl can be worn as a drape across the shoulders but with the trailing edges located in the back. The central portion of the garment forms a plunging layer of fabric in front to conceal whatever needs to be concealed. Securing the shoulder portions with a pin or brooch can accentuate the wear’s elegance.

If the emergency happened to be at the backside, the woolen piece of garment can be worn as it would normally be worn. Just makes sure to wrap the trailing edges of the garment on both elbows so that the broad section in the back adequately covers the problem area.

If the concern is near the midsection, the cashmere garment can be worn like a drape with the trailing edges loosely handled by both arms much like a beauty queen walking on a pageant. If the problem is in the lower sections of the evening wear, the cashmere garment can be worn loosely and hanging directly above the problem area.

The manner in which fashion accessories such as scarves and shawls are put to effective use can definitely improve one’s credibility in the management of such fashion emergencies. The shawl, being primarily a protective piece of garment, can thus be the modern woman’s answer to fashion emergencies in social gatherings.