Selecting A Mattress – 7 Points to Success

Selecting A Mattress – 7 Points to Success

Purchasing a mattress without having done some fundamental preparation is similar to wandering in to the mattress retail store naked.

You’ll be uncomfortable and at a total disadvantage. So you’ll hand the wonderful mattress salesman a lot more cash than you have to just to leave there with dignity.

By following these 7 simple points you will make the experience of purchasing a mattress from becoming far more costly and painful than it has to be.

1. Determine your budget before shopping. There’s few things more uncomfortable than quarrelling over price with your partner inside the mattress store. Both of you should agree on your top price (or the monthly payment ) you are both comfortable with monthly) BEFORE you go shopping. This allows you to negotiate from a position of unity.

2. Select a mattress size that fits both you and your bedroom. Be sure to include the minimum floor space that you will need to surround your bed.

3. Disconnect trying out and purchasing a mattress. Find the largest mattress retailer in your area to try out mattresses. Then check the price online or at the smaller stores where overhead, advertising, and rent costs are less.

4. Dress for mattress shopping. You do not go to bed in a suit. Wear loose, light clothing to the retailer. You won’t be able to test the effects of your body heat on viscoelastic foam mattresses if you are all bundled up. Wear slip-on shoes (and don’t forget clean socks ) You are on the mattress salesperson’s home turf. If you’re embarrassed you may be less likely to get a good bargain.

5. Bring a cell phone or watch with an alarm. You need to conduct 15 minute sleep tests on your final mattress selections. A salesman in a hurry may shave a few minutes off your testing time.

6. Bring with you a pen and notepad. This will allow you to write your own mattress discounts. Salesmen are used to people saying that they can get a similar mattress for less money elsewhere. They are not used to dealing with people who have actually documented the prices. In the case where the price is the same at the retailer you’re in, the salesperson usually will give you a discount just to make the sale now.

7. Always bring your sleep partner with you when testing mattresses and when making your final choice. Accept no excuses. What you find comfortable may turn out to be absolutely unacceptable to your partner. This is important because you don’t want to hear about how ‘your mattress’ choice was awful for the next fifteen or twenty years, do you?