My Shopping Genie Review – Is It Really A Good Software Or Business Model?

My Shopping Genie Review – Is It Really A Good Software Or Business Model?What Is…

My Shopping Genie Review – Is It Really A Good Software Or Business Model?

What Is My Shopping Genie? – How And Can You Profit From It As A Service Or Business Model?

The My Shopping Genie Affiliate Program is picking up momentum as a viable additional profit center for many online affiliate marketers. In this review I will try to give you enough detailed facts about the My Shopping Genie Business model and software so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not My Shopping Genie is the right business model for you.

How It Started

Created & controlled by My Net Universe it has continued to pick up traction in the past three years despite the world-wide economic recession.

Their growth and success can be attributed by offering a product that everyone can use and benefit from for free. The have developed a software that just may revolutionize the way people do comparative price shopping online. “The Genie” resides on your computer so that when ever you do a price comparative search using the major search engines for a product or service up pops “The Genie”, with the best prices from Wholesalers and discount retailers like: Amazon, Price-mart, Price Grabber, Price Line, Walmart etc both in and out of locations if you desire..

The consumer gains an advantage and saves time since they no longer have to sift through high-ranking pages to get the price they are looking for.

How It Works

Whenever a consumer surfs major search engines looking for a bargain the right side of the page represents sponsored ads that were paid for by advertisers that are looking to sell their product or services. Since most consumers decide what they are going to buy from the 1st two pages advertisers pay search engines like Google and Yahoo dearly to keep those spots where most of the purchases are made.

The left side of the page represents businesses that have their companies,services, products optimized by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The consumer rarely will sift through 20 pages to get the best prices available. Sometimes they even assume that since the company is on the first page that it is more trust worthy and they may even feel comfortable spending more money for the same product or service.

What Does This All Mean To You? – How Can You Profit From My Shopping Genie As A Business Model?

If you want to make money from using the Genie business model as a profit center all you basically do is two things:

Give away as many apps as possible.

Create leverage by teaching others to do the same thing. This is by far a better alternative in my view.

Leveraging yourself by building a team will give you points of distribution to profit from at an accelerated rate.

With $50 for every two people you personally sponsor and a 20 percent over-ride on all the Genies your reps give away and sponsor you can see how the money can begin to roll in..

Branding The Genie

If you are already in another business that you promote you can edit the genie to let your unique business logo ride on top of the genie and appear every time the user does a search reminding the user about your service,product or opportunity.

What are the start-up costs?

All you pay is a one-time $199 start-up fee plus $29.99 per month for back office support and a suite of websites and contact management systems including video email to help you market your Genie business more effectively. You are billed for the website after the first 30 days. So if you decide that the My Shopping genie business is not for you just cancel within the 1st 30 days and you will not be charged.

Final Thoughts

Getting paid to give away a product that everyone can benefit from seems like a good recipe for easy success in my book.