If carrying a concealed weapon is part of your lifestyle, there is no reason to dress only in over-sized baggy clothes. It’s possible to be fashionable and safe at the same time. Take a look at some of the options to holster your weapon in style.


Luckily, concealed carry options for women have expanded to include some very comfortable shorts and leggings that allow you to wear a skirt, work out and stay warm. Whether you prefer to keep your weapon in the back, in the front or on the thigh, these bottom half holsters will keep you in style on a date, at the gym or at work.


Knowing the concealed carry laws from state to state will help you stay in compliance as you travel for business or pleasure. Keeping your weapon safely holstered by your side while staying comfortable is a must. There are many styles of tops from tanks to t-shirts with extra pockets for your permit that will elevate your wardrobe and blend in stylishly with your jackets and sweaters.


If you wish to keep your gun nearby but not necessarily in your clothing, a purse or fanny pack holster is a good choice. Both look like bags everyone else carries, so neither will garner any unwanted attention. A holster purse actually works as a regular purse with room for everything you usually carry plus a quick-access compartment on the side to stow your weapon.

Increasing numbers of women across the country are taking their safety into their own hands. According to the National Carry Academy, the number of women taking their concealed carry course has jumped in recent months. Staying safe does not need you must sacrifice your sense of style. Dress for success, or work, or play, and always for your well being.