Green Business Tip – Use a Promotional Tote Bag

Green Business Tip – Use a Promotional Tote BagWhy should you consider “greening” your business?…

Green Business Tip – Use a Promotional Tote Bag

Why should you consider “greening” your business? This is the question that many business owners are asking. Is the green movement just a fad? Do people really care about the environment, or are they just looking for more ways to make money?

That all depends on your answer to this question: are humans naturally good or evil? If they are evil, humans only care about their selfish desires, and they only want to go green because in the end it will make them more money. If your answer is that all humans are naturally good, then humans really do want to help the environment as much as possible and make as little of an impact as possible.

So, what do you believe? If you’re in business, it doesn’t really matter. Either way you look at it, people are going green; most likely with both motivations. People are going green to make money and because they really care about the environment. If you’re in business you need to make your customers happy, and one positive thing you can do for your customers is to give them a promotional tote bag that is eco friendly.

You don’t even have to just give it away for nothing, either. Some businesses that are moving into the green realm are giving their customers a free promotional tote bag when they purchase a certain amount of merchandise. For example, a meat market may give their customers a reusable shopping bag when they purchase more than $50 of meat. A coffee shop may give away a cotton drawstring backpack to customers that return to their store to fill up their cup 10 times.