Eco-Friendly Bags and Fashion – Are They Compatible?

Eco-Friendly Bags and Fashion – Are They Compatible?

Eco-friendly cloth bags are taking on a whole new dimension. No longer just an alternative to plastic, fashionable cloth and promotional bags have taken on a whole new idea of chic.

In today’s climate of recycling it is not unusual to be asked at a checkout if you have your own bags, nor should you be surprised if you are charged for using a plastic bag. The use of eco-friendly bags is a positive step away from excess landfill and plastic bags ending up in undesirable places, like our waterways. The step away from plastic bags has been a wide spread trend, and it has received a surprising level of media attention considering we are talking about a simple shopping bag. But the impact of these simple pieces of plastic is having a detrimental effect on our environment on a global scale.

These customised and reusable bags are available in many styles, colours and designs. They are also becoming quite the fashion statement. Even well known fashion designers are jumping on board the reusable bag wagon and making their own lines of eco-friendly recyclable bags. These big name designers include people like Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and Heidi Klum. Better still these bags are even affordable so that everyone can own their own designer accessory if they desire. The fashion industry even went so far as to advertise itself through recyclable bags with the quirky label of “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” emblazoned on the side. They went on to create enough demand to sell these online at the unbelievable price of $400.00 each.

The fashion industry has taken up the challenge of becoming more environmentally friendly, offering proof that ‘fashion’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are compatible terms. It is normal for any industry to consider their impact on the environment, particularly with so much focus on the problem of climate change. From making garments made from sustainable fibres, to creating these reusable shopping bags, something that is environmentally friendly can certainly also be fashionable. It is a good thing to see recyclable bags becoming ‘must have’ fashion items.

These bags can take on all sorts of promotional slogans, from carrying a company logo, to self-proclaiming messages of green and sustainable shopping practices. A fantastic advertising tool for any business that is kept and carried. Displayed in front of an ever changing and widely varying public, an eco-friendly bag can be a powerful marketing tool. They are functional and noticeable, and now they are also becoming fashionable. Products can be popular simply because they are recyclable, and by including the stamp of approval from the fashion industry, eco-friendly bags have come into their own.

They are also practical, folding up easily and small enough to fit in a drawer or to keep in the boot of the car, and can be used for a myriad of purposes. Grocery shopping can take on a whole new shade of glamour, or you can make a fashion statement when going to the gym or the pool. An eco-friendly bag with a great design can also be a bit of fun.