Catalogue Shopping on the Internet

Catalogue Shopping on the InternetCatalogue shopping on the internet has seen a recent transformation, and…

Catalogue Shopping on the Internet

Catalogue shopping on the internet has seen a recent transformation, and most of this has come down to faster internet connections. Not too long ago it was very difficult to add pictures and videos to web sites without making them slow to load up for the visitor. This problem held back the catalogue companies because most of their business was centred around promoting as many goods as possible on the same web site. When broadband arrived this changed everything for them.

Almost over night the catalogue retailers could make much more appealing sites that could draw customers to their products and services. Interacting with visitors enabled them to keep customers at the site for longer, and this was achieved with videos of the products and far more detailed pictures. People could clearly see what they were buying, and now you have hundreds of pictures on each page at any given time.

In the UK, the catalogue companies are very good at hiring celebrities to promote their clothing lines. Clothing is probably the most lucrative form of internet shopping, and these celebrities have their own ranges and clothing lines, with the major focus on female clothes. Women tend to be more attracted to celebrity endorsement, but more importantly, more attracted to purchase these clothes. This tactic has become so popular that almost every single catalogue retailer has a number of celebrities on board.

Other new features on the catalogue sites are the interactive room planners that allow you to create a virtual room, and get a much better idea of what your room will look like with certain pieces of furniture in them before you commit to buying them. You can even plan an entire kitchen or living room out, and move things around to find the best solution. This is the future of internet shopping right here now. In the future these kinds of features will be expanded and improved on so that the customer experience will be just like high street shopping.

The catalogue companies can now also have huge banner advertisements spread across their pages, which change every few seconds. This enables multiple offers and deals to be put on show within a small space, instead of having to create many pages for the same effect. The effects of this are clear when you look at the amount of products that have been sold online over the past few years. The growth has been enormous, and will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.