4 Tips to Getting the Best Deals When Shopping Online

4 Tips to Getting the Best Deals When Shopping OnlineThere are many tricks you learn…

4 Tips to Getting the Best Deals When Shopping Online

There are many tricks you learn as you begin shopping online. Although you may learn some of them the hard way, there are several quick and easy tips to getting the best deal possible.

First, search for other prices out there. Always type your product into Google and then hit the shopping button at the top of the page. You can then sort the results by price and know whether or not you’re getting the best deal. Other great resources for price comparisons include: or . Always be sure to be as specific as possible when looking for prices of a certain thing; include the item or model number when possible. This is also a great resource if you aren’t looking for a specific model or brand; if you type in ‘Madden Girl Boot’ or ‘Xbox 360 Console’ you will get a list of all boots or consoles. You can sort them by price and begin your shopping that way.

Second, check shipping charges. Always check for shipping price comparisons. What is nice about Google Shopping is that you can sort your list by ‘base price’ or ‘total price’ which includes the tax and shipping. While one store may have an excellent base price, their tax and shipping fees could make it more expensive that somewhere else. Another great trick is to look for places that offer flat rate shipping, like who boasts $2.95 shipping on every order (and they mean it. It’s $2.95 for a pair of gloves or for a sofa). Also many stores offer free standard shipping if you spend a certain amount, usually $50.

Third, once you have found the lowest price out there, search for online coupons; they can be a life saver. Any deal is great, but adding another 30% off is just that much sweeter; the average online coupon user saves 24% on each of their purchases. Not only have they already tried and tested the coupons, so you can be sure that they work and are safe to use, but they tell you when the coupon will expire and any exclusions or rules, so you can find the right coupon for your needs.

Last, read the return policy. When buying online you should always have an escape plan. A lot of people are hesitant to purchase something they haven’t tried on, which is smart. Whenever you buy anything online, make sure you check the return policy. If you aren’t sure about an item and the website charges for returns, you might want to rethink whether or not you want to purchase that item from that particular site; it would be worth it to spend a few extra bucks at another site and have the option of returning it without being penalized with a fee.

Keep practicing and don’t be afraid to pass on a deal that doesn’t seem amazing. Once you get your first 90% off purchase with free shipping, you’ll understand why people are so passionate about finding these deals and passing them on to others.