On Everyday Styling for Men

We all want to look good when we leave the house. How much time we spend and effort we put into our get ready routine plays a big part in our everyday style. Whether you are a man with a wash and go cut or an expressive coif, there are simple, fast and effective ways to make sure you are stepping into the world with a sense of style. A sense of style reads that you know who you are, and not afraid to show it off. Your chosen hairstyle is a huge part of your everyday style, as well as the clothes you wear. Adding three simple steps to your morning routine can elevate how you see yourself and project that unique style.

Pay Attention to Your Hair

Hair is a sense of pride for most people. Even if you rock a short buzz, an unkempt head is obvious. If you have a fairly short cut and don’t think you need a brush…Think again. Even the shortest of hairs can be flattened and unruly. A quick brushing can get all those hairs falling in the right smooth pattern. If you wear hair that is an inch or longer, using hair paste is easy and effective. How to style your hair with paste is quick and easy if you know a few steps. Always work a nickel size dollop all the way into your hands before applying to head. Start at the back and move to the sides and finally the top. The paste should give you the freedom to place hair wherever you like without being sticky or stiff. Start small and build the product if needed. This adds texture, a matte finish, and volume. It also allows restyling if needed later on in the day.

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Pick an Accessory

Take your time and find an accessory that is unique to you and can be added to any and every outfit. Whether it is a scarf, belt buckle, an outerwear jacket or cufflinks, this unique piece will say a lot and set you apart. This can be one piece or multiple that you can easily grab every morning that makes you feel dynamic. If you’ve used your hair paste, a unique hat can be stylish, functional and memorable. Not only wearing a particular piece but how you wear it can have a huge stylish impact. Tucking shirts in or out, rolling cuffs, or using jewelry can have a lasting style impact.

Internal Confidence and Balance

There is nothing more stylish than confidence that shines from within. You can add all the outward styling you like, but if the internal world is compromised that will shine brighter than any outer styling. Being centered in your purpose and passion is your greatest style agent.

Everyday styling needs to be accessible, easy, and remarkable. It’s all meant to leave an impact. Find a three-step process that you can follow every morning. Pay attention to your hair, find your unique pieces, and while you’re looking into the mirror give a wink to your confidence.